Maiden fans should find this book a visual treat (starting from the die-cut cover, featuring a pair of spooky eyes glaring at you — presumably those of the band’s mascot, Eddie). The book covers the band’s entire story. Daniels is responsible for the main narrative chapters; other writers critique each of the band’s main albums, and there are supplementary sections covering such topics as “Maiden and NWOBHM” (New Wave of British Heavy Metal), the history of Eddie’s design, and that ever-popular debate “Maiden or [Judas] Priest?,” among other subjects There’s also a complete listing of live shows, accompanied by set lists, and a select discography.

And hundreds and hundreds of photos and images. Really — over 500 of them. There are band shots and record covers, of course, but there’s lots of memorabilia as well: club advertisements, ticket stubs, posters, backstage passes — and who would’ve thought there would be so many different Iron Maiden t-shirts? There’s so much to look at, it’ll take a while to get through before you can settle down to start reading it.

If you’re a Maiden fan that wants a nicely packaged look at the band’s history, this is the book for you.

Publisher: Voyageur Press (the book can be purchased here).