Do we really need another album worth of covers?! Why, yes … yes, we do. And The Sweet‘s New York Connection may be the best full-length album of covers in a long time. Andy Scott (original guitarist) has brought together a current lineup that has once again produced something slick and fun for the world to listen to.

Of course, Metallica always perfected cover songs; with great ease Metallica spun another band’s song into their own gold.  New York Connection shows some of that same magical skill, too. And it’s somewhat ‘sweet’ justice. After all, bands have borrowed their share from The Sweet over the years.

The Ramones and Patti Smith covers are the only hiccups, really, on New York Connection. “Blitzkrieg Bop” is unnecessary and “Because the Night” is kind of a bore. Other than that, it’s all delicious fun. The biggest surprise, of course, is Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round.” The Sweet know how to make candy digestible, and they took this well-known pop song and formed it to their (hard rockin’) liking. Quite impressive, how they managed this.

The best covers are “New York Groove” (a solid version of a classic), and then there’s the Black Keys’ “Gold on the Ceiling” and Electric Frankenstein’s “All Moving Faster” — which blisters with hard rockin’ fun. Andy Scott even pulls a fast one and redoes his own song — the title track — for good measure. Plus, the production is top notch throughout. Rockers cannot go wrong at all with adding New York Connection to their collection.

The new Sweet album New York Connection can be purchased in MP3 format on iTunes or CD via the band’s official Web site.