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Gene Simmons of KISS gets BLOX! makeover

FUNKO announces their latest line of vinyl figures – BLOX! Available now for pre-order. And Gene Simmons of KISS is one of them. Standing at seven inches tall, these figures present a 2D-image “thickened” into a boxy 3D-figure. They are a bit bigger than FUNKO Pop! figures and feature a different overall aesthetic.

The images below for a few images of other BLOX — from their DC Universe (Joker and Batman), Ad Icons (Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry) and The Simpsons (Homer and Krusty). Other properties which will be represented in the BLOX line include Ugly Dolls, Marvel, Mars Attacks, Star Wars, and Michael Jackson.

The entire BLOX line is available for pre-order HERE.