Nothing beats the real thing: experiencing a Motörhead concert surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands, of other fans. The next best thing is a Motörhead DVD concert video, with two live audio CDs to boot. And that’s what you have here with The World Is Ours. It may not be the straight-on accupuncture therapy of a real Motörhead show but if you have a powerful enough stereo system it can be pretty close.

Motörhead have been pleasing fans a long time with their balls-out concerts. And nothing changes in The World Is Ours. Lemmy is Lemmy (and who would change that?) and the guitar work of Philip Campbell and drumming of Mikkey Dee do the trick. Campbell’s leads throughout the footage here are dead-on and a joy to listen to within the thunderous rhythms of a Motörhead song. Just listen to a live Motörditty like “Just ‘Cos You Got the Power” for proof.

Other standouts are all the classics: “Iron Fist,” “Overkill,” “The Chase …” and, of course, “Ace of Spades.” There are also some nice guest appearances by Doro (“Killed By Death”) and Michael Monroe (“Born to Raise Hell”). However, the best Motörhead is the pure Motörhead — as an untouched and uninterrupted trio.

The Chilean DVD footage is distinct with its B&W camera style. And extras of New York and UK footage are cool, too, but only seem to emphasize the greater enthusiasm of South American fans, which are very intense (reminding me of American audiences in the ’80s). In fact, the modern New York City crowd seems more interested in their iPhone cameras at times than their excitement for the band. But it’s all good in the end — and expected. There was a reason Motörhead chose the South American concert.

If you are going to get the The World Is Ours (and every metal fan should at least check it out) you should get it with the DVD set. The vinyl edition, for instance, is nice but the DVD package is worth it and almost necessary in the end.

UDR (UDR 0076)