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Founded by Patrick Prince in 1985, Powerline began as an undergound hard rock/heavy metal mag, distributed mostly in record stores worldwide. In 1989, Mike Smith teamed up with Patrick Prince to form Smith & Prince Enterprises and it took the magazine to new heights. Powerline was soon distributed by Kable News as a high-gloss publication on American newsstands with a circulation of over 100K.

By 1992, the magazine became defunct (for various reasons). The staff went onto other jobs.

Mike Smith went on to lead the newsstand hard rock/heavy metal magazine Live Wire, and was editor-in-chief of the revamped Creem magazine in the 1990s.

After graduating University of California at Berkeley, Patrick Prince went on to art direct magazine titles like Internet World and Business Finance. He then became editor-in-chief at Goldmine, the music collector’s magazine.

Resurrected online, Powerline covers classic hard rock/heavy metal music in general. It is a tribute to the old days in the form of time-capsuled articles and experiences.

Spread the word and enjoy.


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