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August 24, 2012

Backstage Auctions has some unusual hard and heavy ‘swag’

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Written by: Patrick Prince
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Among the nearly 500 lots of music industry displays and promotional items (aka ‘swag’) that rock auctioneer Backstage Auctions will be offering in its Summer Music Swag Auction are some unique and unusual hard rock/heavy metal items.

One such item is a Raging Slab promotional ‘kit’ from 1993. The New York band was once termed as “Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Metallica” and the members took it to the extreme to promote their album Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert by putting together a strange package. Here are the contents packaged into the container, which is a large stick of dynamite (with a custom plastic cap as a wick):

  • Raging Slab tour jersey
  • Thunderbird 375 milliliter apple wine glass bottle (unopened)
  • Cigarette lighter (working)
  • Brown paper bag
  • Tube of cement glue (obviously, to go with the brown paper bag)
  • 4-pack of Aspirin (unopened)
  • Instructions

You would assume that any die-hard fan would put the Raging Slab jersey on before hitting that Thunderbird and sniffing glue. Nonetheless, it’s all part of the fun. The band had a sick sense of humor and here’s the proof. This would not only make a great collector’s item but one helluva conversation piece. Good luck bidding!

The Summer Music Swag Auction will take place Sept. 1-9, with a special preview on Aug. 25. For more information or to register for VIP All Access status, visit www.backstageauctions.com



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