A friend of the band recorded this 1967 Iron Butterfly show on a two track reel to reel. And with the absence of a club PA system, Darryl Deloach’s vocals went through the bass amp. Needless to say, the recording sounds less than perfect.

The concert does have historical relevance, however. According to the liner notes (written by the great rock ‘n’ roll scribe Dave Thompson) the band had made quite the impression during this period of time. Even the legendary Jeff Beck gushed about the band’s originality (but not necessarily their musicianship).

Danny Weis is really the standout musician on this night at the Galaxy in Los Angeles. Weis brought cutting guitar to the likes of “It’s Up To You” and “Gentle As It May Seem.” By comparison, the other musicians meander (or drift off on drugs) at times during the set, especially keyboardist Doug Ingle, while you couldn’t blame vocalist Deloach too much. His voice was  a victim of circumstance.

The club show is worth the price of admission, merely to witness the evolution of a formidable ’60s outfit, especially with the talent of Weis on guitars. Unfortunately, Weis and Deloach left the band shortly after and Iron Butterfly soon exploded with “In the Garden of Eden,” or as it came to be known, “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.”