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April 11, 2014

Riot – “Restless Breed”

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Written by: Patrick Prince
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“Restless Breed”
Elektra E1-60134

RIP Rhett Forrester. One of hard rock/heavy metal’s ballsiest singers. Not only a good rock singer but one who sang with such passion and grit.

RIP Mark Reale. One of hard rock/heavy metal’s champion guitarists and true leaders, leading the band Riot through the fickle tastes of both rock audiences and the recording industry.

photo (3)For me, Restless Breed is as close to a 5-star hard rock/heavy metal album you can get, from it’s all-out heaviness (“Loanshark” and “Violent Crimes”), its kick-ass chuggers and churners (“Loved By You” and “CIA”), to its soulful blues (the Bad Company-like title track). “Loanshark,” for instance, is so good, you almost want to stand up and applaud afterwards.

There was a lot of pressure on Restless Breed. It was the first album after the brilliant Fire Down Under, without singer Guy Speranza . If any one was worried about Riot losing steam, they were instantly rewarded with the first chords of “Restless Breed” and extremely pleased in the end.

I picked Restless Breed up for only $5, in Very Good condition. It’s out there for the taking.



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