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December 22, 2014

Judas Priest to release expanded ‘Defenders’ LP

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Judas Priest Legacy Recordings

Defenders of the Faith Cover Legacy RecordingsOn March 10, 2015, a newly expanded three-CD version of Judas Priest‘s Defenders of the Faith album will be released via Columbia/Legacy, which includes the original ten-track album remastered by producer Tom Allom, and a complete live recording from the ‘Defenders’ tour, recorded at the Long Beach Arena in California, on May 5, 1984.

The 21-track concert (split up over two discs) perfectly balances the then-new material from the group’s ninth studio offering overall, including such classics as ‘Metal Gods,’ ‘Breaking the Law,’ ‘Sinner,’ ‘Electric Eye,’ ‘The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown),’ ‘Victim of Changes,’ and ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Coming,’ among many others.

As the band states in the liner notes to the reissue, “It’s 30 years since we released ‘Defenders of the Faith’ – we’re very proud to say it has become a classic that’s beloved by Priest fans throughout the world.”

Judas Priest continues to ‘defend the faith’ to this day, as the group recently issued their seventeenth studio album, ‘Redeemer of Souls,’ which sees the band’s popularity amongst metalheads remain as strong as ever, as it debuted higher than any other previous Priest release (at #6 on the Billboard 200). And on the group’s current tour, quite a few classics from ‘Defenders’ are being performed for the first time in years.

And soon, fans will get a chance to re-experience vintage Judas Priest, with the ‘Defenders of the Faith’ reissue.

CD1 ‘Defenders of the Faith’ Re-Mastered

1. Freewheel Burning

2. Jawbreaker

3. Rock Hard Ride Free

4. The Sentinel

5. Love Bites

6. Eat Me Alive

7. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll

8. Night Comes Down

9. Heavy Duty

10. Defenders of the Faith

CD2 Live at Long Beach Arena, California 5th May 1984

1. Love Bites

2. Jawbreaker

3. Grinder

4. Metal Gods

5. Breaking the Law

6. Sinner

7. Desert Plains

8. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll

9. The Sentinel

10. Rock Hard Ride Free

CD3 Live at Long Beach Arena, California 5th May 1984

1. Night Comes Down

2. The Hellion

3. Electric Eye

4. Heavy Duty

5. Defenders of the Faith

6. Freewheel Burning

7. Victim of Changes

8. The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)

9. Living After Midnight

10. Hell Bent For Leather

11. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming




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