Deathhammer, according to Asphyx lion-roar man Martin van Drunen, he of the crazy-sick vocal spewings, is a death sentence for all “the heretics in death metal today” with the band “as judge, jury and executioner.” Hey, who am I to argue? They’ve been around since the 1980s as progenitors of their singular brand of Dutch death doom theatrics and stand today, I admit, as state-of-the-art purveyors of such. With guitars like a chain-saw (all by Paul Baayens), a bass by Alwin Zuur that can only be described as “drilling,” an atmospheric doom groove that’s as ominous and horror-laden as any Italian vampire movie, and the kind of eight-armed drumming (heavy on the bass drum) that Bob Bagchus athletically achieves, Asphyx takes no prisoners, killing and maiming all in their path. This is their imagery, this is their lifeblood. Tracks like “Of Days When Blades Turned Blunt,” “Reign Of The Brute” and “We Doom You To Death,” Asphyx has declared war. I’m in. They can’t be denied.

Label: Century Media — CD format can be ordered by clicking here.