Heavy, heavier, heaviest. That’s the best way to describe this album, which features the last live performance of original Blue Cheer singer/bassist Dickie Peterson. The rest of the lineup for this April 11, 2008 show in Bonn, Germany, consists of Andrew “Duck” MacDonald (who joined in 1988) on guitar and Paul Whaley (who also dates back to Blue Cheer’s early days) on drums.

The 10 song set is spread over two CDs, and along with expected early stuff (“Summertime Blues” of course, as well as “Parchman Farm” and “The Hunter”), there are also three songs from 2007’s What Doesn’t Kill You. Powerful, punishing, pummeling — these are all the words that come to mind when listening to Blue Cheer’s sonic assault. It just doesn’t seem possible that three people could make that much noise (and check out the size of Whaley’s drum kit, stripped down in comparison to those monster kits so beloved of metal bands). As an added treat, there are two previously unreleased studio tracks as a bonus: “Alligator Boots” and “She’s Something Else.”

Label: Rainman