Bassist David Flinn (a former U.S. soldier) and drummer Andrew Carlston are the heroes of this deathcore war. It’s an all-out assault, complete with the kind of breakdowns that will leave your neck in a brace. But Chelsea Grin, from Salt Lake City, Utah, has always done that. Their 2010 Desolation Of Eden debut was so mono-dimensional, I had previously dismissed them.

Not any more.

Maybe it’s the Middle-East melodies or the fact that Alex Koehler’s guttural vocals are mixed more evenly this time, providing percussive pop. The three guitarists—Michael Stafford, Dan Jones and Jack Harmond—do their damndest to out-loud each other…but it works.

Two straight years on the road will do that for a band. So will a top-notch producer like Zeuss (Hatebreed, The Acacia Strain, Emmure).

“Everlasting Sleep” hits home hard. “Cursed,” “Last Breath” and “Oblivion” are soul-satisfying in a visceral way. Somehow, they manage to veer away from being obnoxious yet remain steadfastly in your face.

Whitechapel singer Phil Bozeman shares verses with Koehler on the closing “All Hail The Fallen King.”

Just when I thought there was nothing new under the sun death-metal-wise, along comes a band like Chelsea Grin to kick my ass and make me believe again.