Daniel Todd Carter already had a reputation of being a talented drummer — whether it be for rock, hard rock, or progressive rock — before arranging and recording the music on Awakening (the very first release of his debut series trilogy). With the Revelation project, Carter fully explores an atmospheric landscape of instrumentals that fall somewhere between Pink Floyd’s space rock and Tangerine Dream’s new age ambient sound. Carter plays everything from synths to electric piano and electric drums, while Jay Tausig fills in with fluent, underlying guitar tracks. There is even a guest appearance by Johnny Winter Band/Liege Lord guitarist Paul Nelson.

The best track is “Being Spiritually Clear” — a wonderfully crafted song that you could possibly envision in Pink Floyd’s catalog (or maybe, more distinctively, a Richard Wright solo album) with it’s dream-like pattern, melodic synth-line and beautifully laden acoustic guitars. The rest of Awakening also has a production that is sharp and clear. Ultimately, it is a perfect portfolio for Carter’s creative talent.

This may not appeal to those strictly into hard rock/heavy metal music but those of eclectic taste will embrace Awakening‘s musical potential.

Label: VisionaryQuest Music (CD format can be purchased here).