Every metal fan recognizes Ronnie James Dio’s 1983 Holy Diver as a classic album release, and now you can hear it in all its glory on a limited (and numbered) edition of a 24K Gold CD by Audio Fidelity.

What makes this Gold release better than the purchase of the regular audio CD is the sound quality; obviously the strong clarity of Dio’s voice but also the electric sharpness of Vivian Campbell’s guitar sound. Dio’s voice is glorious in its own right, yes, but Campbell’s contribution to this album is huge. And this Gold CD, thanks to mastering by Steve Hoffman, emphasizes that.

“Stand Up and Shout” shows why it’s one of the best opening songs of all time, while hit songs “Holy Diver” and “Rainbow in the Dark” sound better than ever. But really the lesser known tracks shine here. You may skip over “Invisible” on the regular CD offering but you won’t here.

This CD is not just a must for Dio aficionados but for fans of all that is heavy. Get them while available at Audio Fidelity’s Web site.