Druckfarben is a German word for “colored ink used for printing on textiles or other media.” When a couple of Canadian musicians saw it stenciled on barrels stored in their rehearsal space, they adopted it for their own moniker. It is the only questionable thing about this band.

The music of Druckfarben shifts between heavy and serene, chaotic and melodic. Never predictable. Talent is a dime a dozen in the music world. It’s the package delivered that counts. And the talent of Druckfarben delivers. Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Ed Benard knows how to arrange it all, and vocalist Phil Naro (Talas, Peter Criss) is simply remarkable, sounding like the modern world’s answer to Jon Anderson.

It all culminates on Second Sound (the band’s sophomore effort) with a song like “Dandelion,” a masterpiece of a song with a thunderous rhythm, swirling melodies, and a brilliant chorus deftly handled by Naro.

This is truly a band to watch. Second Sound is only a few songs away from being 5-star. Add some tightening up of the song structures and commercial success would most likely follow. If you are a progressive rock fan — especially if you lean towards the hard rock side ala Rush and Dream Theater — go to and do yourself a favor and order the album, Second Sound.