If you like the musical attack of early Metal Church teamed with Rob Halford’s blood curdling scream style ala Fight then this is the album for you. It should be seven songs of bliss.

In fact, when vocalist Jason McMaster (ex-Watchtower, Dangerous Toys) lets out hair-raising screams in the chorus of a heavy chug song like “Raiders from the Void,” it’ll make you think of Halford post-1990 singing on an early Metal Church album. The song is an example of how Ignitor perfects that particular metal style. And if you love this sort of metal — a rarity in this growls and blast beats era — it’s almost your duty to pick up this album ASAP. You won’t be disappointed.

Ignitor’s right. It may just be the ‘Year of the Metal Tiger.’

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(MVD Audio 5350A)