The Satchurated DVD starts off with a grand, loud spark with the driving tone of “Ice 9,” and soars through the smooth cool of songs like “Flying in a Blue Dream” and it does not relent until the hours of DVD material have passed.

Of course, the guitar solos are brilliant (the solo in “Hordes of Locusts” is practically transcendent) — and Satriani’s overall guitar work is like a fine art put to heavy music. That’s always worth the live experience. But I’ve always questioned Satriani’s absence of a vocalist in his compositions. I was off the mark. If anyone has that doubt in their mind, all they have to do is witness the man onstage. Or pop in this DVD. Satchurated is proof that a singer would be superfluous. Satriani and his guitar are the frontman. This gives Satriani the freedom to spread his creative wings all over the composition.

If you are to experience the true wonder of Satriani’s gift, pick up a release like Satchurated before the studio albums. This stage is where he flourishes.

Satchurated: Live in Montreal
is also available on 2D/3D Blu-ray, and as a 2-CD set.