From the sublime cacophony of “Sudden Death” to the last note of Dave Mustaine’s psuedo-diary, “13,”it’s an all out assault of thrash metal, power metal and trad metal at its best. There’s really no weak point. I haven’t been this excited since awaiting the release of Killing is My Business… as a kid. And, to be honest, the straight-forward metal songs of “We The People” and “Deadly Nightshade” are probably the best of the bunch.

Mustaine’s lyrics are once again provocative. Say what you will (and fans and haters alike love to) about the man’s opinions or even his new found faith but his statements are so much more interesting than any fantasy/dungeons & dragons/horror nonsense out there in the vastness of metalland.

I would like to think that the reunion of bassist David Ellefson had something to do with this fresh new sound, this wonderful album. And it’s most likely true. After all, this is the same guy who came up with the iconic bassline of “Peace Sells ..” And the feeling is that this is probably the best lineup since the Chris Poland/Gar Samuelson days.

Home run. One of the best of the year.