Most Queen fans who favor the hard rock side of this iconic British band will embrace disc one of this 2-DVD set put out by Eagle Vision. This is where all the Queen greats are: “Bohemian Rhapsody” with its early music video accomplishment; “We Will Rock You,” with the band ‘performing’ in ’70s winter fashion/gear; and, quite frankly, every other song represented by video on this first part. All extremely charming, to use a popular Freddie Mercury expression. Yes, even “Flash.”

The surprise is disc two, which covers the less appealing Queen era(s). Certain songs remain duds — like “A Kind of Magic, “Scandal” and “The Invisible Man” — no matter how good the video could have been. “The Invisible Man” is the worst of them. Bad song and bad video. And very dated. And the one truly great Queen song on disc two, the immortal “Under Pressure,” is represented by a video that now looks like a You Tube video produced by a teenager via iMovie. However, “Radio Ga Ga,” “I Want It All” and “One Vision” are worth the watch and enhance the songs. The most classic of videos is “I Want To Break Free” — a music video that truly captures Freddie Mercury’s carefree spirit. It’s real fun, even if it is a little cheesy and dated in its midsection. The video makes the song.

All in all, “Greatest Video Hits” is one for the collection (these promotional music videos are all-together in one set for the first time). It captures an important part of classic rock history and entertains as well. It makes you want to bring back the video jukebox.

The videos are restored and shown in 16:9 widescreen, and the audio is remixed for DTS 5.1 surround sound. Plus there is some nice commentary by guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor. (The DVD set can be ordered by clicking here)