It’s 1995, and the older, mustached Ritchie Blackmore is not as flamboyant onstage as the younger, guitar hero, but his iconic playing is still there. Hearing Blackmore flash through classic Rainbow cuts like “Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll” and “Man on the Silver Mountain” is a joy no matter what age he happens to be. And it is all captured on Black Masquerade — the DVD of this concert in Dusseldorf, filmed for Germany’s Rockpalast TV series, and now released by Eagle Rock Entertainment.

Stranger in Us All— the album that the tour supports — is an underrated release and Blackmore’s last hard rock effort to date. Most fans go to a concert to experience the classics but the songs that represent Stranger in Us All on the Black Masquerade DVD — ”Hunting Humans” and “Too Late For Tears,” for example — are top-notch.

Vocalist Doogie White may not have the star quality of past Rainbow vocalists but he does a fine job filling those shoes (especially the classics once sung by Ronnie James Dio). Blackmore’s companion, vocalist Candice Night, should also be mentioned — she is a wonderful addition to this Rainbow line-up.

Ironically, in the end, it is Deep Purple’s “Smoke On the Water’ that seals the deal. One of the most enjoyable, non-Gillian renditions played onstage.

So, is Black Masquerade worth the purchase? If you are a Rainbow fan. If you are a Ritchie Blackmore fan. If you are a guitar fan. If you are a hard rock fan. And if you want to hear and see a historic concert with clear visuals and a wonderful stereo sound. This isn’t YouTube here, thank God. Owning a concert DVD is about quality. And the Black Masquerade DVD is quality, for sure.

Black Masquerade is also released on 2CD, digital audio and video.