The Meatmen haven’t lost their knack for offensive lyrics, nor their metal-ish punk style. The band that influenced many a thrash metal band during the ’80s release their first album of new material in 19 years, Savage Sagas. And it’s a doozy. Leader and frontman Tesco Vee has not let his fans down.

As usual, no one is safe from ridicule, not even themselves (“Dinosaur”). The redneck tale “Pork Chop and a .22″ and the erectile dysfunction romp “12 Soft” are downright (nasty) hilarious. “KKK (Kill Kunt Koulter),” a venomous (and many will say deserved) attack on right wing talking head Ann Coulter, is possibly the band at its best in 2014. And the rest are simply not for the easily insulted.

“Dinosaur” is straight up brilliant punk stuff, though, if not for the lyrics alone. “I’m a crochety fuck, Still telling you that you suck,” Vee barks, and his vitriol may be a higher blood-pressure than usual. Want more? “Pissed Hot For Weed” has loud rockabilly hookabilty. “I’m Gonna Fuck You Up” sounds just like the stuff that influenced thrash metal’s birth, and “Speed Kills,” a Slayer-like parody, has riffs/rips as good as any thrash metal.

Relevantly speaking, there’s really no bad song here; everything’s hard, short, and to the point. No fucking around. But The Meatmen don’t need my validation. They’re all set on their own. They are quite alright on their reunion path with Savage Sagas.

Label: Self-Destructo