More or less, I’m a UFO purist. It’s pretty much the ’70s and early ’80s for me. I had never officially given Vinnie Moore a chance. Seven Deadly makes me regret that. It gave off a very strong first impression and lasted. In my opinion, this is the first UFO album where guitarist Vinnie Moore officially makes his mark. To this longtime fan, Moore is now part of the legacy.

Yep, Vinnie Moore really shines on the new album Seven Deadly. Moore’s catchy heavy blues riffs and soulful solos combine nicely with the wonderful trademark voice of Phil Mogg, bringing the band into 2012 with such dramatic grand energy for a veteran outfit. Whereas most classic artists are going through the motions on each new album, UFO has proven that you can count on them for quality original material.

Seven Deadly standout songs like “Fright Night,” “The Fear” and “Wonderland” will surely become classic UFO songs now, with Moore ringing in a new era with a distinctive touch. The album itself — with more play — might become a favorite. There are a few areas where the momentum slows down a bit but it’s almost a five star release. And in today’s music world, that says a lot.

Seven Deadly is an exciting statement. This album strongly presents a new UFO era. A band that retains the same soul and is as healthy as ever.