Fans of Mars Volta will not be disappointed in Wild Throne. Can it be that Wild Throne is a more intense band? With mood swings of metal guitar dominance, progressive rock swagger, jazzy breakneck curves, hardcore blasts … Wild Throne live up to their namesake. Uncontrollable yet classy. It’s no small wonder Ross Robinson, producer of Mars Volta’s former namesake At The Drive In, is behind the helm on this debut EP, Blood Maker. Robinson pushes the band in the right direction.

Interestingly enough, just when you think your brain is hitting maximum overload on Blood Maker, the band changes course and levels out. Wild Throne can be as thrilling as a roller coaster. Pitchfork called this debut EP “exhilarating, fun [and] ferocious” and, as always, they are right.


Label: Brutal Panda Records