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Interview with Sebastian Bach in March 1990 issue

The Skid Row / Sebastian Bach spread for March 1990 Powerline issue

Let’s turn back the clock to when Hair Metal was still the rage and no matter how hard and heavy most bands were at the time, they had their hair up to some degree (just check out Tom G. Warrior photos for evidence).

Here is an interview conducted by Carol Anne Szel (aka The Writer From Heaven) for the March 1990 issue of Powerline Magazine.


He hasn’t changed one bit since Skid Row rocketed from relative obscurity into superstardom last year. He’s still the same person he was since he ventured out on his own in hometown Toronto nearly five years ago. He hasn’t changed at all because he always had that star quality that radiates energy. He’s just who he is, the effervescently charming frontman Sebastian Bach!

It’s always an adventure meeting with Bas, the only certainty is that there is nothing certain with him! He’s honest almost to a fault, and there is no hedging around tough questions. After the success of Skid Row’s debut disc — which is now triple platinum with hits like “Piece of Me, “Youth Gone Wild,” and probably the biggest hit to date, “18 and Life” — Bas is his ever outrageous self, the same now as he was on day one, almost oblivious to fame.

“I just can’t believe that I’m lucky enough and fortunate enough to have this honor,” Bas reflects on his status. Singing for people, he says, “is an honor, you know? And f**ckin’ I won’t let those people down no matter what!”

As for fame, the vocalist claims, “I don’t really think I’m famous.” Oh. come on now, Bas, you must realize it, I ask. “Well, I am when I go to a mall or something, but I’m exactly the same as when I used to wait in line to get a Motley Crue ticket at the CNE Coliseum smoking with some dude. Exactly the same.”

He adds: “When you’re growing up you’re thinking ‘If only I could be a rock star.’ You know, you’re reading the magazines and everything… buying the albums. And when you finally get to do it, it’s more than you could ever think.. Waking up every day in a different city is great!”

Concerned with performing and making great music, Bas says, that being in the band is the greatest, too. “There’s only one thing in this business that really sucks, and that’s the business,” the surprisingly thoughtful singer reveals. “Music is about creativity of emotion and making something from the heart. Business is about mathematics and f**ckin’ bullshit. So it’s like two totally different things. We just say f*ck all that, we’re gonna make the music and let other people worry about that other stuff.”

One thing this blond frontman does definitely concern himself with are the massive and ever growing number of Skid Row fans, which must get out of control at times. “Yeah, it gets out of hand. But you know what I do? I just say, ‘Everybody take a breather.’ You know like if I come out of the arena and there’s like seven hundred people, they’ll just roar. And I’ll just go, ‘Ahhhhhh! Just take a breath, nothing is gonna happen. I’ll f*ckin’ stay right here, let’s rap.’ And I’ll go over and we’ll like sit on the grass or something, hang out, smoke a joint. Just talk to people.”

The reason for all the adoration after a show is due, of course, to the outrageously hot Skid Row performances night after night. If you’ve never seen the boys live then do yourself a favor and get thee to a concert hall when they’re in your town! Just what does this versatile vocalist think about onstage, I wonder? “”Sex and Aggression. Rebellion and sexuality. You know what I think about? I think about all the teachers and people that tried to tell me what to do with my life. And I said ‘f*ck you.’ And now I’m doing what they want to do. And their daughters are in line to f*ckin  buy my album. All these f*ckin’ assholes who told me I could never do anything — screw you! I’m f*ckin’ doing it!” Like going to Russia at the age of 21, he says, “to play in front of 140,000 people.” Bas continues: “What are they doing? Working at the f*ckin’ 7-11. That’s what I think about, that’s when it comes across really rebellious and angry. There’s a lot of pent up frustration in our music and the way we are. So it comes out live.” When they’re onstage playing live, “in the middle of ‘Youth Gone Wild’ when the drums come in I stop it and I go ‘Wait a minute. I want to know one thing. Do you believe in Rock and Roll? Just like Paul Stanley said on ‘Kiss Alive.’ Then hearing 24,000 people screaming, I feel the hair on the back of my legs just going right up to the back of my neck.”

Never one to steer clear of a good time, Sebastian Back explains that he has taken vocal lessons to help keep his voice in shape for the band’s vigorous road schedule. “I took vocal lessons for a while because you have to balance out all of the partying and everything, you know,” he explains. “Because you live a lifestyle when you’re off the road, you know going out getting drunk every night, getting high and stuff like that. But then when you’re doing six or seven or even twelve or thirteen nights in a row on the road, you know, it’s hard for your voice to hold up under those conditions. Unless, of course, you take lessons. That’s why I did it, so I wouldn’t have to drop my lifestyle and sacrifice that to be responsible.” Of course, then he wouldn’t be the Sebastian that we all know and love! He screeches, “Hey, I got into rock and roll because I hated be responsible!”

And for the future of Skid Row, Mr. Bach says that one personal goal is “make a way heavier album” next time out. “Definitely,” he reinstates. “All five of us have exactly the same feelings about the next album, it’s gonna be way heavier. That’s not to say that we didn’t try to make this one heavy,” he quickly adds, “but I mean now that we’ve played a lot of gigs and stuff, we know what we play best and what we enjoy playing the most. And that’s the really heavy songs like “Big Guns,” or “Sweet Little Sister” or “Youth Gone Wild.” We like the really heavy stuff. That’s what we enjoy.”

Guess our conversation is nearing an end, Skid Row fans one and all. Hope you learned as much as I did about this future legendary rocker! Any parting thoughts, Bas? “I’m suddenly religious for the first time in my life,” the lead vocalist tells me, “because I go to sleep at night and I go ‘thank you, God, so much, for letting me do this, man.'” His philosophical advice to all Skid Row fans, “work hard, play hard and stay hard!” Alright!

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  1. Atlantic records // June 9, 2012 at 11:37 pm //

    Sebastian Bach married at 19 to provocative baby doll type Nymphaea kymille who made him swear never to disclose they were married as she claimed it would impare his Skid Row career.Bach married her the same day they met @Niagra Falls circa 86.Bach carried their wedding certificate around often as she was often in europe.Nymphaea kymille was sometimes in Goth 80’s band Gene loves Jezebel.

  2. Sebastian Bach often comments on how he is not interested in the past only to sing half his skid row set whilst touring his solo album.Looks as if he is not done with his sketchy past.I bet all his thoughts are there too!

  3. Maria Bach is the known wife but her real name is Amanda,Bach calls the first wife of 86 also Maria but she would not react to this name ,and she was pregnant in 86 and was hardly ever there so the other one took over,before Bas did the easy rider interview he pleaded with Kymille to change her name to Maria! Why doesnt this secret wife talk about Bas,is it true she told him not to mention her so more girls would buy the records?Bas worshipped her then one day he tried to slit his wrists and said she may of let him die after Bas said she let him. Rumours of heavy violence. to her, The marriage to the known Maria was Hollywood,not real, he never divorced the first wife.He must of loved her bad,a few musicians asked why didnt he just file for divorce from the 86 wife,but thats not what Bas wants to hear,he simply refuses.So Amanda Maria and Sebastian Bierk never legally married Bach simply remarried Kymille by proxy,Bas claims she still loves him but hides it preventing her remarriage to another husband.

  4. Looks that way,the known Maria or real name Sandra A. was only introduced as common law wife after a Hollywood staged photo wedding in 1992,if i heared correctly this gets even wierder,all this happened as the first legal wife of 86,Kymille who resembles a cute russian ballerina prostitute did not agree to a 2nd wedding and a Barcelona 2nd honeymoon.We know Bach!he is one vindictive mutherfucker at times?Even the documents were forged,everyone knows.The sad point is Bach adored Kymille Nymphaea,he was at breaking point in jelousy if she so much as talked to a guy,he even had fights with his close friends.

  5. Skid Row were one of the best,Bach sang with a passion,yearning unheard of without pain,so this has got to be real.

  6. Why doesnt this first wife Nymphaea kymille let Bas have the songs he said she wrote for his second frontiers album?Known she has béen séen at Waitan concerts,maybe she likes someone near them or another close band.Eveyone knows Bas was violent to her,he flew into jelous rages,she refused to talk to him for years.Once Bas was hospitalised after she let Bas slit his wrists and lose two pints of blôod,they collected in bowls in a beverly hills hotel rôom.Bas must of béen sorry for something he did to her and this is how Bas made up for this, this is fairly common to do this here in Scandinavia many musicians do this. we also heard she stitched up his wrists prior to paramedics arrival.

  7. Gene loves Jezebel Goth star Nymphaea kymille sometimes never went on stage,then sometimes she did!The hauntingly erotic star of songs “Screaming for Emmalene”+”Scheming” was also a cameo ghost actress who met Polish Actor Klaus Kinski in the late 70’s,she was really a teenchild seductress,quoted Kinski.
    Marriage en route to Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach ended in near deaths as their love affair was incredibly macabre.Lavina kymille mixed up Underneath What/Blaze Malaise singer guitarist Andrew Berenyi whom she may of married also with Bach who never actually divorced her.Billion dollar bribes,Hit records + this says nothing of the Mafia Ledgends who were her beautiful murdered mother Patriciaca Anne Kira’s consorts. Lavina was mum to aristocratic kid’s Jaega-Rome+Paris brought up by Sebastian Bach.

  8. Nymphaea lavina wrote lyrics but has not given permission to Bach to use them,more likely Bach will just use them anyway.He does what he wants!

  9. Thought first wife Nymphaea kymille Messalina was married to Andrew Berenyi of Underneath What/Blaze Malaise/Rolling Stone Knight Sir Mick Jagger personally married them in Budapest.

  10. Oh not enough // January 9, 2014 at 4:05 pm //

    La lavina is a bonafide member of an Baltic exiled Royal Family.

  11. IT gets even better,apparently Rolling Stone Mick Jagger and her beautiful murdered mom Patricia Ann kira mirella suzie were quite a thing in the seventies,but she would not divorce handsome oil man and man of honour O.T, so Jagger spent his life in envy causing havoc,lavinas mum bequiethed her the French Chateau La Fourchette and Jagger rented it from her,even more bizzare her mum was arrested for vampirism and cannibalism in the seventies. Aristocrats are into that sort of this.

  12. Monsterhigher // June 22, 2014 at 7:00 pm //

    Vampiric Lavina Nymphaea and all her other names,is mom to several kids,2maybe deceased,Emmalena,Jaega,Dannilo,Brenner,Paris,Morelo Honore.

  13. Skid Row Sebastian married at barely 19 to provocative actress and real life deposed Princess Lavina Kymille Messalina Maria who sometimes appeared for vocals,metal screams and can be seen briefly in Goth band Gene loves Jezebel video on you tube,”Bruises”.
    Beset with rivals aiming to reroute fortunes,castles,love..Sebastian and Lavina kymille never divorced.

  14. SHAKE ELECTRIC // February 25, 2015 at 7:53 pm //


  15. Skid Row Sebastian is currently undivorced from his hidden legal estranged wife Nymphaea Lavina Kymille,who may of secretly married Andrew Berenyi at the bequest of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger.

  16. Can anyone put me/us in clear about this Nymphaea Lavinia woman? Because til now what ive read is poor spelling and illogic stuff. Do u think its too much Im asking?

    • Skid Row Sebastian never divorced aristocratic Lavina-kymille,who prior to legally marrying Sebastian was going to marry Dead or Pelle from Morbid/Mayhem having met Dead in Sweden with her posh mum Patricia-Ann who was murdered but legal owner of the FRENCH CHATEAU MICK JAGGER resides in since a blackmail after he dated her beautiful mum in the late seventies. Sebastian often drssed up as Dead from Mayhem to let Lavina-kymille imaging she was also having sex with her dead lost lover as well as having sex with Sebastian.Lavina claims Dead was murdered to order.

  17. Spelling amendment to the above paragraph. We know how to spell dressing and imagine. Us rockers up to top notch today.

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