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Germany’s Nitrogods sign with SPV/Steamhammer

SPV/Steamhammer announced that it has closed a worldwide deal with the German rockers NITROGODS.

Release dates for the self-titled debut album:

Europe February 27th 2012

Germany February 24th 2012

USA / Canada – early March 2012

Claus "Oimel" Larcher - Georg Schröder (A+R Steamhammer/SPV) - Henny Wolter - Olly Hahn (A+R Steamhammer/SPV) - Klaus Sperling

No more endless studio fakes, sound samples, artificial drum overdubs and computer-controlled corrections of suboptimal lead vocals. The time has come to return to the true values of rock music, namely honesty, solid craftsmanship and real lifeblood. To cut a long story short: the time has come for NITROGODS! The motto of this spectacular new rock trio: three men, three corners, and down-to-earth no-bullshit rock’n’roll!

The band may still be unfamiliar to the public at large, but the three members are renowned musicians with illustrious histories to look back on. Guitarist Henny Wolter founded Thunderhead in 1988, played with Primal Fear, respectively Sinner for number of years and was part of the Rock Meets Classic tour band. Drummer Klaus Sperling (Freedom Call) was also with Primal Fear for a long time. And at the epicentre of the Nitrogods soundquake is a heavyweight who is impressive in every respect: Oimel Larcher, a bear of a musician whose bass performance stands for sheer power and whose voice unmistakably reflects countless litres of beer and whiskey. “I wanted to return to playing the music that I love,” says Henny Wolter, “and that only works if you play it with your best friends.”

The band`s new album also thrilled some big names in Rock’n’Roll. Nazareth singer Dan McCafferty and ex Motörhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke, who will release the new album of his own band Fastway in November this year via Steamhammer / SPV. Both were guest musicians on two songs “Whiskey Wonderland” and “Wasted in Berlin”.


Fast Eddie Clarke comments the co-operation with the NITROGODS:

“I first met Claus from the Nitrogods in 2005 when I did a benefit gig for the victims of the Tsunami in Indonesia. So I was happy to say yes when asked to do a solo on their new album on the track “Wasted in Berlin”. I have to say the tracks they sent me sounded great. The band has great spirit and they all play extremely well together. So if you like fast and furious Rock you should give this a listen. I can assure you you will not be dissapointed…”

Dan McCafferty on NITROGODS:

“I have just had the pleasure to record a song with a new band called NITROGODS. Henny and I met and became good friends on the Rock Meets Classic tour 2010. Having heard other material for the album I think it will be a fine one. Hope you enjoy my contribution on Whiskey Wonderland. I wish the Gods the best of luck. Welcome to the Rock´n Roll World!”


Henny Wolter (guitar, vocals)

Klaus Sperling (drums)

Claus “Oimel” Larcher (vocals, bass)

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