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Top 10 Rob Halford vocal performances

Rob Halford is known as one of the best singers in metal history, and for his birthday Powerline would like to point out some of his career best.

On the weekend of Rob Halford‘s 61st birthday, Powerline would like to honor the Metal God with a list of¬† the singer’s greatest achievements. Let’s start with No. 10 and work our way to No. 1. Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree.

10. “Screaming for Vengeance”
The name of the song speaks for itself. Halford’s voice is evolving into a razor-sharp assault that would eventually culminate into his current Painkiller-type shriek. And how can those screams at the end of “Screaming for Vengeance” not leave a serious impression on the listener?! The screams are simply bloodcurdling.

4 Comments on Top 10 Rob Halford vocal performances

  1. Well compiled list. Glad you chose to leave off some of the later stuff where he’s pretty much screaming and screeching throughout. You mostly chose songs where he showed the whole range vocally and emotionally. 35 years after I first heard it, Run of the Mill still give me chills. My only minor bone to pick? You left off Dreamer Deceiver which I think could replace about any of the other choices except ROTM. Listen closely to the multi-tracking of his voice at the end of the track before it breaks into Deceiver. He’s tracked at least 6 times, and each is unique. He’s choir and soloist with some glass-shatteringly high stuff. Cheers.

  2. You left off dreamer/deceiver? Possibly the greatest song ever?

  3. Robert Halford has given me much understanding.

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